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Thank you for reading my lifestyle blog . I'm so excited to have you here and to share my journey with you. I started this blog to help people learn the joy of journaling as part of a holistic lifestyle and to help them connect with others who are also on this journey. I hope that you enjoy reading these posts and that you will take the time to follow  on social media so that you can stay up to date on the latest happenings. Thank you again for reading, and I can't wait to continue sharing my journey with you.

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Find Your Inner Wisdom in Your That Girl Journal

Find Your Inner Wisdom in Your "That Girl Journal"

*for Sobreezybabe*

Welcome back to paradise, Sobreezybabes! As your favorite it girl, it's my goal to share wisdom and insights that can help nurture your emotional wellbeing. Lately I've been really getting in touch with my feelings by writing in my "That Girl Journal" - have you tried yours out yet? Keep reading to discover why your "That Girl Journal" is a must for self-care.

We all have so much going on these days between living our best lives and pursuing our dreams. It’s easy to forget slowing down to check in with ourselves and nurture our mental health. Your "That Girl Journal" is a simple yet luxurious way to do just that.

Rather than mindlessly scrolling Instagram, writing in your journal allows you to freely express yourself without judgment. You can document your thoughts, dreams, feelings - whatever is on your mind in a no-holds-barred way. It's also a holistic way to process challenging emotions and stressful situations as a "That Girl."

Have you had a disagreement with a friend recently? Feeling burned out from a busy week? Your journal is scientifically proven to lower cortisol and release feel-good endorphins. No wonder journaling is so popular in wellness, especially for empowered women like us!

Beyond just the mindfulness benefits, your journal is also a creative outlet. Rather than just writing plain entries, use it as a space for self-expression. Doodle, sketch, collage inspiring quotes and photos - really make it your own aesthetic masterpiece.

Don't be afraid to get creative with unique layouts too! Here are some ideas to inspire your journaling:

- Monthly spreads: Design a two-page spread for each month with sections for goals, to-dos and reflections.

- Inspiration collection pages: Dedicate pages to photos, lyrics and poems that spark your creativity.

- Vision board prompts: Cut out images and words that represent where you see yourself.

However you choose to approach journaling, your "That Girl Journal" is a must-have for self-care. I hope you find the inner wisdom and healing you need within its pages!


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